I’ll see your charge and charge you this….

In the news this week is the airlines newest idea to collect additional fees by charging a premium to get off the plane quicker.   Do you believe this!  You will have to pay in order to get off the plane in a reasonable fashion.  So now we have additional charges for luggage, food, leg room, internet, movies and quicker boarding.   Where will it stop?  What will they think of next?   Well, I for one think it’s time that we as passengers start charging the airlines.

I have a list of my top five things we should charge the airlines for.  Let’s see what they have to say about these.

#1.  I want $5.00 for each kick I get in the back from the unruly children sitting behind me.   I feel after three warnings the meter should start running.  How much is it to ask parents to control their kids.   If they don’t behave in airplane seats there are other options.  They can drive, take a train, luggage compartment or how about airlines having separate areas of the plane reserved for families.  They can spend the whole flight kicking each other in the back.

#2. Personal hygiene should count.  If you’re going to spend the next 6 hours on a plane next to someone you don’t know wouldn’t you think a shower would be a good idea.   The next time I sit next to someone that’s “RIPE” I want a full refund for my ticket.   As passengers, we go through x-rays, pat downs and luggage searches, how hard would a little sniff test be.   You smell bad , take a bath. Please don’t get on a plane.

#3. Since the airlines started charging excessive prices for meals, passengers now have decided to bring their own meals with them.  So bring on all the smelly food you can find.   So what if we all have to smell it for the duration of the flight.   I love sitting next to the guy eating chili with onions.  Usually its the same guy that didn’t pass charge #2 above.   I would like a 50-% refund for my ticket if the person next to me is eating anything that smells like it’s been eaten already.

#4.  If the person sitting next to me is sufficiently large and takes up my his or her  seat and a portion of my seat as well I want credit for the percentage of my seat they are occupying.  It’s all about Real estate.  If the airline can charge additional fees for more leg room, why cant we charge for less.

#5.  I want airlines to use proper language.  How many times have I heard this.  “We are going to have to circle for a while due to FLOW CONTROL”.  What in the world is FLOW CONTROL.    Is the toilet backed up?  Does the pilot have a urinary track issue?  Why not just say we can’t land the f____king plane, there is no room on the ground.   I for one,  would feel a lot better.   I suggest that each time the airline either tries to confuse us or lie to us we get $50.00.   Let’s not beat around the bush.  Tell it like  it is.

I’m sure everyone of you have your list of situations that you feel the airlines should reimburse you for.   I would love to hear them.

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Stories that get you going

Ever read something in the paper that just makes you think, what is going on around us?  Well this morning was one of those days.

First headline that caught my eye was that concerning a car that got a ticket on the streets of NYC yesterday. Now for me this is nothing new, our vehicles get ticketed on a daily basis.  Ticketing is a major revenue flow for the “big apple”.   What is unique about this story was in the car there was a dead guy slumped behind the wheel.  Now let’s think about this.  If you were a cop don’t you think you might just notice this? I guess apparently not.   Obviously, this is not funny for the guy in the car and it is pretty morbid when you think about it.   So what happens now?  Does the estate have to pay the ticket? Will there be late fees?  I guess the lesson to be learned here is if you are visiting NYC and you are planning on checking out in your parked car, make sure you have plenty of money in the meter.   What I gather might happen is the family of the deceased will end up suing the city and collect a six figure settlement Then guess who pays the ticket!

Second headline of interest concerns a letter that will be waiting for residents of NYC sometime shortly. Apparently a heated political campaign is going on for governor.  Carl P. Paladino, a Republican candidate for governor is sending out over 200,000 pieces of mail that state “Something stinks in Albany”.  The kicker is that the letters will be scented to smell like foul garbage.  Is this what you want to find in your mailbox?   Would you vote for a guy that does this?   Is this going a little too far?  Have politics crossed the line on this one?  Beware of what is in your mailbox.  Something stinks alright and it’s not just the mail.

The third article that just makes you sit back and wonder what is going on concerns a situation that happen in a Hospital in Maryland yesterday.   A person apparently unhappy with the diagnosis a surgeon gave him about his mother pulled a gun and shot the surgeon then barricaded himself in a room and shot and killed his mother and himself.  The doctor will survive.   This one really has me thinking.  Aren’t hospitals supposed to be safe places to go?  Isn’t this were you go to get better?   Have we reached a point where we need metal detectors in Hospitals?   A hospital is where we go to have bullets removed not put in, correct?

So I guess September 16th will be one of those days that I look back upon and wonder what can cause such events to happen?  Was there a full moon?  Maybe there was shift in climate conditions or just a bad day for some.

One of my favorite authors says it best ““You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose.” — Dr. Suess

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Ground Hogs? Really…..

I am not a fan of winter.  As a matter of fact, I have little or no use for it at all.   It basically cramps my style.   Yes, I know there are those people out there that love winter and just can’t wait for the first snowfall.   To each his own, more power to them.  Besides putting a damper on the activities I like most, winter takes a toll on our budgets and our personal well being.  On February 2nd the Ground Hog made his appearance and determined we will have six more weeks of winter.  I do not find this comforting.

I find this ritual  amazing.  We have global satellites that can track the slightest movement of a weather system and we have numerous high tech gadgets that can do just about anything,  yet we need a ground hog to tell us that we have six more weeks of winter.  Give me  a break.

I suggest we develop a new system that could allow for just two more weeks of winter.  I’m sure with all the technology we have we can come up with a better system.  Personally I think there should be an IPhone App that can do this. I guarantee it would have the most downloads and be an instant favorite.  Once this is accomplished I suggest that the app be activated immediately after the Holidays.

I can handle a little snow around Christmas and then right before New Years Eve activate the App on the phone and by January 10th hello sunshine, good bye heating bills.   I really don’t think this is a lot to ask. There are so many developers out there designing new games and useless utilities.  Why not put them to work on something serious.  I tell you what, we can even call it the Ground Hog App.

Now for all those winter lovers, we can have an optional feature on the App that will allow for  a virtual winter. Anytime they need a dose of snow, they can select this option and they will virtually be transported to their favorite arctic destination. I bet those software developers can even throw in some polar bears, 5 ft snow drifts and howling winds just for fun.

So if things go the way I’m suggesting,  Punxsutawney Phil and  Staten Island Chuck should pay a visit to the nearest Oakley store and get some really cool shades because sunshine is coming.  Watch for the Ground Hog App coming soon to the Apple store.

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No tailgating?

Wow! Just heard on the radio this morning that there will be no tailgating allowed in Miami at the Superbowl on Sunday.   Now I’m not a big football fan, but I do appreciate the game and understand that football is as American as you can get.  Correct me if I wrong, but if I was going to make an analogy, isn’t tailgating to football as a barbecue is to 4th of July?   Something is not right here.

What is happening folks?  In the last couple months look at the changes that are occurring.  Arriving three  hours  prior to  departing flights at airports in order to clear security.  Installation of metal detectors at local schools.  Security concerns at the NYC courthouse that have forced the movement of the terrorist trial.   What’s next- armed guards at the super market?

Land of the free and home of the brave? What happened to that?  Is the United States as we know it morphing before our eyes?  Homeland Security started out as a response to 9/11 but what  is it turning into now?  What has caused this major change in such a short period and what can we do to either halt it or reverse it?

I would like to continue to live the life we have grown accustomed to and would like the same for  future generations to come.  As Americans we have to fight for what we believe in and we have to let our elected officials know how we feel.  Quoting a line from a famous movie “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. I urge all of you to speak up, let your voices be heard.

When you get an opportunity to speak  (such as a blog like this) let your opinion be known.  If enough of us speak up, changes will happen.   We need to feel secure in our own country and we need to take proper steps to ensure our safety.  Is banning tail gating at the SuperBowl really what life as come down to?  I understand why it is being done.  What I question is where we have failed to let this happen in the first place?

As a country we need to stop being politically correct all the time and create rules and safeguards that are in the best interest of the public, not the politicians.  Unfortunately in the world we live, politically correct just doesn’t cut it any more.    On Christmas Day we received a huge  “wake up America call” when the “underwear bomber” boarded a commercial jet bound for Detroit.  This should have never happened.

Yes, the safety of every Unites States Citizen should be our greatest concern and one that our government takes seriouly but I believe we are  going about it the wrong way. Doesn’t it seem we are being reactive rather than proactive?

I’m looking forward to many more July 4th Barbecues.  Let’s do what it takes to make sure that happens.

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Fixing Health Insurance….hmmmm

I find it amazing that the government is attempting to repair health insurance.  I wonder if  they realize they are the ones that broke it in the first place.   As a small business owner I have seen health insurance go from bad to worse in record time.  The bottom line is small businesses are the ones that end up paying for this  debacle.   My two biggest issues with health insurance are first the government itself and secondly the insurance companies.

Our politicians seem to believe if they support the insurance companies that in turn they will support their political campaigns.  Simple put, this is wrong!  Our politicians have made insurance companies into a legalized crime entity.  I firmly believe if we fix issue with insurance companies, such as set limits on what they can make and the powers allotted to them, and keep the politicians out of their business we would have a better shot at fixing health care.

As an individual and a business owner dealing with Insurance companies is as much fun as root canal. Actually I would take the root canal first (probably not covered anyway).  Each year our company switches providers just so the increase in rates is less.  Keep in mind we are not doing this based on quality of service or lack of,  put strictly  trying to pay less of an increase, which no matter what company you choose you will end up getting anyway. In order to keep rates at reasonable levels, we are forced to take higher deductibles, higher co-pays and weakened drug prescription plans. This is just flat out ridiculous and unacceptable anymore.

Don’t you just love the term “Out of Network” . This is the insurance company version of ” We tried to shake that Doctor down and he wouldn’t play ball with us so he is out” .   If every Doctor said no to Insurance company demands and terms of payments wouldn’t that be interesting.  So basically what happens is your insurance company decides who you will see for treatment, how much they get paid, and what medicines you will take.  Is this freedom of choice which is suppose to be one of the fundamental values of our rights as Americans? Come on….

I would like to see the day , when we can research what Doctor we want to see, make a timely appointment (without a referral) and then pay the doctor directly a reasonable and fair fee based on the laws of supply and demand like everything else we purchase from groceries to airline tickets.  Maybe we can even shop for sales and coupons like every other vendor we use.

Right now the thought of getting sick and needing a doctors care makes me even sicker knowing what I will have to do just to get reimbursed and the administrative paperwork that is involved.   So the trick to beat the system now is to stay healthy and pay the outrageous premiums.  Not much of a trick is it?  The insurance companies will just become more profitable and more powerful.

Maybe if enough of us write about it and speak our concerns our message will be heard.  This is not an issue that is going to be solved by Democrats or Republicans.  It has to be fixed by all of us.

Fly the friendly Skies – NOT

Yesterday at Newark Airport there was a security breach and passengers were delayed 6 hours until the “issue” was investigated. Even those already seated on planes on the tarmac had to deplane and go through security again.  Flying was become a major hassle. With the all the recent activity going on, how will your travel plans change or what advice do you have to share with other would be travelers. We have been told to plan on three hours to check in before flight. What is next? Checking in a day before?  I remember a day when airline travel was fun. Remember when you friends and family came to the gate to greet you or see you safely off.  It wasn’t long ago that carry on baggage was just a small bag of snacks, now its your entire wardrobe since its such a major ordeal to check (and get back) your bags.  Its sad but true, if someone is going to plan a terrorist activity they are going to do it no matter what hoops are thrown their way.  Its almost like its become a game of “can you beat this”.   I guess the best we can do as passengers is just be aware of our surroundings and beware of anything that is suspicious.   I look forward to going away but I’m waiting for the day when it will be as easy as “beam me up Scotty”.  Airports you can have them.

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