Two Week Check In

Life is good

Life is good

Well, its been two weeks since XM Day (Exit Miller’s) and I have been getting so many questions from all my friends and family. So I thought I would take a moment and answer for all. Here are the the top five questions asked:
1) So how does it feel?,

2) Do you miss work?

3) What are you doing with yourself all day?

4) Are you and Linda enjoying each other 24/7.

5) What plans have you made.

First, the short answers for those of you that don’t have the time to read this whole Blog: 1) Great 2) No 3) Plenty 4) You bet 5) Lots

Now the detailed for those of you that really want to know the answers:

For the first couple of days I had this smile on my face that just would not go away. It was like a feeling of euphoria that over comes you. My friends said they have never seen me look like this, they couldn’t remember the last time they saw me so at peace with myself. The weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. All the work related things I worried about for so many years had finally been put to an end. Until you experience the situation where you wake up in the morning and realize that there is no rush to get to your office you won’t be able to grasp this feeling. My job had consumed me and my world revolved around that. Still hasn’t fully kicked in that this is all going to be different now. As close as I can describe, can you remember the last day of school in June when you were around 10 years old and that clock clicked 3:05PM and you knew that an entire summer of fun awaited you. This time summer is going to last for much longer.
Everyday since XM has brought me closer to who I can be and what possibilities the future can bring. Getting use to focusing on non work related issues and having the time to deal with them properly is a whole other world.  The simplest things in life which I neglected for so long are just amazing. The second cup of coffee on the back deck in the morning. Spending extra time with the grand children. Not checking email while sitting in the bathroom. Enjoying a trip to the supermarket and taking the time to actually see what’s in the aisles. Reading the WSJ while not sitting in traffic. I can just go on and on.
If I had to sum it up in one word it would be Freedom. I guess I didn’t realize how much running a company was making me a hostage from enjoying life. I’m sure eventually this sense of enjoyment of a new life I’m experiencing will eventually calm, but for now I’m going to ride it for as long as I can.
Do I miss work? This is an interesting question. Long before XM day, the sands of time began to empty for what I envisioned for my long and fulfilling career. There was a day when work was everything. It was actually enjoyable to run a company, interacting with clients, motivating employees, working on major events, purchasing new products and seeing so many special events transform from the drawing board to the finished product. But something happened along the way. The world changed and running a business became extremely difficult, excessive government rules and more taxes, rising health insurance, intellectually challenged competition, higher cost of fuel, lower profit margins and longer hours of work to stay ahead all contributed to my decision to eventually leave. All of his just was the buildup for the eventual departure. I will always miss my staff who were the greatest, but I know they respect my decision and only wish me the best. For the moment I’m enjoying this new found freedom and comfortable with the decision to depart. Going out on a high note was the right move.
Everyday has been filled with activities. I have not changed my morning routine of going to the gym at pre-dawn or have I cut my bike riding time. Been focusing on projects that have been neglected for a long time around the house and making the most of each day. Although everyday feels like Saturday, it doesn’t mean that Linda and I are sitting around. We plan each day together and we are having fun with fulfilling days and evening. Seems are schedules are busier now then they were when we were both working. Nice being able to enjoy time with not only Linda but with friends and family.
We have several trips planned this summer and are hoping for many more in the future. House shopping is a priority and we have schedules time in August to look at properties in South Florida. Spending another winter in NJ is not on our schedule. Just returned from the Bahamas with two of our grand daughters. We had a blast! So nice to have the time, energy and resources to do these trips. Heading to Mexico next for a vacation with friends.
To sum it up, so far all is going well. A couple adjustments along the way but all manageable.


Steve Kohn


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Nothing like a Morning Ride

PB020226wEach of us has stories to share about their week. We all have good days and bad. Some weeks are just ok, some are indifferent and others are amazing. For most of us the week is so busy we never stop. Just like little ever ready bunnies we keep going and going. Sometimes you feel like your on a schedule that never has a break. Picture a train pulling out of the station that has to be at the next stop at a scheduled time and then another stop and another stop and so on. When do we get off the train? When do we have time to think? to regroup? or just to reflect?
For me, each Saturday morning (with some exceptions) I gear up and go for a long bike ride. Doesn’t matter if is hot, cold, raining or windy, this is something I do for me that in the long run actually benefits everyone. Many say I’m crazy or obsessed, but the reality is I’m just driven by the fact that the ride helps clear my head, exercises not only my body but my mind and it also helps me appreciate that the simple things in life are sometimes the best. Becoming “one with nature” has a profound affect on me. Makes me appreciate that we live in a country where we can just get on a bicycle and go for a scenic ride (or walk, or run) and for the most part, feel safe and secure.
Each week brings a ride with a new adventure. The course may change but the goal remains constant, which is to unwind, forget about my troubles and get ready for the week ahead. There are plenty of weeks that squeezing in that ride can be challenging, but if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it done. If it means getting up extra early or getting chores done the night before, you can make it happen.
So my advice to everyone would be to stop the train and get off and enjoy the land. Take advantage of all there is to see and do. You don’t have to get on a plane or take a long car ride, sometimes the best things to find are right out your front door. Our lives are short and before you know it we are to old to enjoy the simple things.
So I challenge you this week to take a long walk, a bike ride or a jog in the park. How about a hike to scenic location. Use that time to rediscover yourself and recharge your mind and body. I guarantee you will enjoy the experience. So no matter how your week turns out you will always have that experience to look back on.


Steve Kohn


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