Dont Bring the Poop Home

dog_poopIn order to properly tell this story, let me first give you a visual. At our residence in Pennsylvania, there is a 1 mile loop around the development. Strategically placed approximately every third of a mile is a doggy waste disposal stand. These work out very handy when you’re walking your dog and need a convenient location to drop your poop. Ok, you all get the picture now.

So here’s the situation. Ideally it’s great that when you walk your dog and you pass a poop disposal stand prior to arriving home, you can make a deposit and move along. So what happens when you hit the point of no return, when you dog goes and it its closer to just go home. Do you double back to get rid of the poop or do you bring in home?
Now, I know we all don’t all have dogs and those of those of us that do might not have to deal with this situation, but the bottom line is every one of one us has to clean up poop occasionally. It can be poop at the office, poop from your kids or just the poop from life’s events. Not one of us can honestly say we don’t have to ever sometime clean up someone else’s poop.
We all deal with poop in different ways. For those of us that choose to “bring it home” this can have negative consequences. First, if you bring it home, you can’t hide it. Poop always has a way of showing its ugly head. It will affect your decision making, cause sadness and generally just get in the way of you functioning in a normal happy way. Is not always easy to find a place to put your poop. If you try to hide it, eventually it will be found. Someone can always smell when something isn’t right. Secondly you can choose to ignore it. This too is quite ineffective. It doesn’t go away on its own. Over time it will even become smellier. You might choose to pass it along to someone else and let them deal with the poop. Unfortunately this doesn’t work either. Somehow it always finds its way back to you and “poop payback” can even be worse.
So how does one deal with the daily poop from others? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and the poop would just go away? Not going to happen. Once you choose to deal with someone’s poop, you need a means to dispose of it. It’s not always as easy as just tossing it away and going on with your day. Many times it might require a little extra effort? In every case, the extra effort is a much better option than bringing it home. Many of us deal with poop better than others, and those individual seem to become poop magnets. What is there secret? In many cases they are good multitaskers. They are also usually capable of taking actions and making decisions quickly. These “poop experts” also have their own ways of not “internalizing”, they are usually busy people, but they have learned before you can take care of someone else’s poop you need to take care of yourself first.
I once read a Jerry Seinfeld quote that said something like; “If an alien watched two life forms and one of them cleaned up the others poop and carried it, who would you assume is in charge.” He does have a point. If we choose to carry someone’s poop then, we have made a conscious decision and it’s up to us to retake charge of the situation.
Hopefully this Blog will get you thinking on what to do with your next load of poop. My suggestion is always take the extra steps to get rid of the poop before you go home. No one really wants to share others poop that you decided to take on. On those days when you know you might be “knee deep” in extra poop, just bring another bag or two and just take that extra moment, and if necessary, double back. You will be glad you did and so will those around you.


Steve Kohn

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