Texting and Walking, not perfect together

If your iPhone junkie like me, you probably have heard the canned phrase “there’s an app for that. Yesterday I came across an app for texting. Now this isn’t anything new, we all text from our phones but this app shows you the ground while your texting. The app is called Text n Walk (See photo). Seems hospitals have been reporting a major increase in accidents due to people walking and texting at the same time. We thought walking and chewing gum was difficult, now we have to learn to text and walk at the same time. Apparently people are walking into obstacles, other people, and even incoming traffic. Not a good thing. Besides being extremely embarrassing, injuries are adding up.

The internet has been flooded with comical videos of people walking into cars and falling over themselves while texting. My favorite video is the one of a woman walking into a shopping mall fountain (http://youtu.be/w69s6Yhba5Q) . Although these may seem funny, many cities and towns are passing laws restricting texting while walking. Seems we have some liability issues. Hard to believe our insurance rates can go up for “texting accidents”

Our society has been focusing on rules and regulations for talking while driving, but who would have thought we would ever have to think about texting and walking issues. I remember growing up and learning the jingle “Cross at the green and not in between”. I guess that will have to be modified to say. “Text on the red, otherwise you could be dead”.

One city in Idaho has started fining people $50 if they are caught walking across a street and texting. I wonder if they will be installing texting cameras at street lights. Can you imagine the revenues that could be collected in NYC! We could bring down the national deficit in no time flat.

It was reported in 1980 that cell phones were helping to reduce fatality rates because people were using them to call in emergencies, now these same devices are causing the casualties. Go figure.

In London, city officials are placing padding on light post; apparently to many people have been walking into them while walking and texting. I would love to see the line idea explanation for that one on the city budget.

Even Lawyers are taking notice of this serious situation. Check out the wording of this ad I discovered; “Even if you were hurt while texting, you may be entitled to compensation from others whose actions contributed to your injuries. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, contact a San Diego personal injury attorney to explore your legal options”. What can you say to that: Only in America….

I’m thinking about inventing an app that I can rent or sell that would make your cell phones unable to text while you’re in motion. The device could also be used during business meetings, dinners, weddings, special events and whenever it is no acceptable to text. The device would send a small electric charge through your body, similar to a dog zapper collar. The key is the app can be remotely engaged from anyone around you, so you have no idea of knowing when it’s activated. Now that might put some fear into you.

Agreed, texting has become a part of our lives. It’s direct, to the point, timely, easy to do and it’s cost effective. Has the day come when we have to place rules on a freedom we have come to enjoy? Maybe some common sense can be the short term solution. I do believe we will start to see warning sign posted in public areas. Picture this at a busy intersection ” Texting can be dangerous, watch your step”.

Over time, I think our society will master texting, walking and chewing gum. Hopefully you are reading this while seated and not walking near any Shopping Mall Fountains. Would love to hear your opinion, you can text. Really. Just be careful.


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  1. Steve,
    Zap app for the non acceptable texter
    Blackout app for remotely turning peoples phones off
    No speaker app will turn off the speaker option for people who have over used speaker phones in public areas.
    We need a common sense app called What would Mom Do?
    We need more apps!

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