Need a show shovel?

For those of you that live in the Northeast, I’m sure you are quite aware we are having our fair share of snow already.   Only a couple of weeks into winter and we have had four snow falls.   I can recall entire winters when we haven’t had that many.    The global warming factor seems to have gone into hibernation.  The best we can do is deal with it.  Having said that,  let us move on to the point of this blog

For the past four  seasons I have survived at home with a seldom used snow blower and  one very inexpensive, but very effective snow shovel.  After the first snow storm the day after Christmas I decided it might be a good time to pick up an extra snow shovel.  You never know when the current one will just say,  “That’s it , I’ve had enough”  . Luckily I am fortunate to have six Home Depots within a ten mile radius of my home.   I’ll just pick one up. That’s a no brainer…

Better said then done.  Apparently all of Middlesex County, NJ must of had the same idea.   Trying to find a snow shovel after a December snow storm is like trying to find something healthy to eat at Burger King.  This was not going to happen.   You would think that Home Depot might stock some extra snow shovels this time of year, but that was not the case.  They did carry plenty of over priced rock salt and ice melting paraphernalia . These are all great, but not when you just want a cheap inexpensive snow shovel it’s no help at all.

Day after day I would try different Home Depots all with the same results.  “Sorry no snow shovels”.   It began to get really frustrating.  Did I really have to go on to Amazon and order a darn snow shovel online.  Just didn’t seem right. Well the snow keep falling and  the probability of my four year old shovel that cost $9.99 breaking was rising.

Finally three weeks after my first visit to a Home Depot a big sign appears in the window at a Home Depot.  Guess what it said. “We have snow shovels”.  Could it be true.  Yes, Happy days are here.   I went into the store and yes. plenty of snow shovels displayed…..  PRICES STARTING at $37.95 and up….   Yes,  you read that correctly. You see these weren’t your normal everyday snow shovels, these were top of the line industrial grade, gold filled, super heavy duty, built to last, platinum level snow shovels.

I politely asked ask the sales associate (which is almost as difficult to find as a snow shovel) where are the economy snow shovels  located?.  His reply. “Oh we don’t have any of those” .  “Why not” was my reply.  Not sure he knew how to answer that one.    Apparently Home Depot was playing the supply and demand card.   Basically, I need a snow shovel (that’s the demand part) and here is what we have (that’s the supply part).

I bet you anything that if I was to go to the back warehouse at Home Depot I would find cases of those $9.99 snow shovels.  I’m not going to be suckered into this.  So much for those Home Depot commercials  with the tag line, “We’re here to help”   Help what! Empty my wallet!

So much for probability and statistics. I’m going to wait until spring to by my next snow shovel (or two) .  I guarantee you Home Depot will have plenty to sell then.

What will I do when Home Depot comes into my store and ask to rent a tent this summer? Will  there will be plenty of tents for them to rent?  hmmmm let me see.   Let it snow, Let it snow………


Steve Kohn

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  1. SO, following that logic, should not a June tent carry a higher rental cost than a November tent?

    The rental industry has not done a good job of equating supply vs. demand. If you know that you are going to be in overtime installation mode, why does it cost the same to install?

  2. Matt, great point. It absolutely should. If we were the only game in town it would work. Need I say more…

  3. Steve- I’ll get you a shovel.

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