Text my order please

Here is something new that can only happen in NYC.  Talk about an entrepreneur thinking out of the box. Well in this case out of the apartment.

An “underground chef” who calls himself “Ronnie” takes orders for grilled cheese sandwiches by text message, cooks his sandwiches on the stove in his brother’s East Village apartment, and then meets his customers on street corners.

He is selling the sandwiches  for between $5 to $7 depending on the type of cheese and bread or the addition of extras like bacon or jalapeños.

It started with just a few friends, but now Ronnie is grilling 40 sandwiches a day, he said — a volume he can barely keep up with.

His customers said they never knew they needed a “cheese dealer” until they took the first bite.

Now what is the key here that makes this so successful?  Well if you haven’t gotten it yet, its “CUSTOMER SERVICE” .  This is something we all crave  and when we find it we stick with it.

There is nothing new about a Grilled cheese sandwich, but what is innovated is the delivery approach.  This guy has made it as simple as you can get it.

I commend “Ronnie” on a clever idea and I suspect it won’t be long until franchises are available.  Possible name “TEXT MY SANDWICH USA”

Only hurdle for Ronnie is to get past the health inspectors.  For now this is an underground operation.  Once NYC gets a piece of this, the sandwiches most likely will double in price based on all the rules and regulation that will have to be met.

You can check out Ronnie’s Facebook page.

Cant wait to text my order next trip into the “Big Apple” or should I say the “Big Cheese”

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