Is technology making life easier?

Typing my first blog on my new iPad. Amazing isn’t it? Well it depends on your point of view and perspective. Let’s think about this for a moment. A concept of a blog is the first hurdle we have to get across. What exactly is a blog and why am I writing it? To be perfectly honest, I do like to write and I do like to share my views but more important than that I believe the purpose of a blog is to increase the exposure of not only what I do, but what my company does and this is all part of a successful marketing strategy.

So now we have jumped the first hurdle, great. Now why write with a iPad. There are other ways such as my desktop, laptop, net book, iPhone and yes even a pad and pencil. This one is easy to answer. I’m simply enjoying playing with this new high tech gadget and it’s very simple to sit here in an airport terminal and write this. Even more interesting, as I am writing this how many people are walking by and just checking this out in amazement asking how I like the iPad

Sitting next to me is my travel bag which originally was designed to carry my laptop. In it now is my Dell mini, just in case I could not figure out the iPad, assorted chargers for all my techno garb, a digital recorder, digital camera, Zune, assorted sync cables, batteries, laser pointer and a pack of tic tacks. Is all this gear necessary ? Is it making my business trip productive? In my opinion, absolutely!

Many say that I am a gadget guy? There is some truth to this. Bottom line, is I am always looking for ways to make my job easier which can allow we to do more things that I enjoy in life such as spending quality time with my family and friends. Is this happening? To a degree, yes as long as I don’t let the technology consume me

There are many times when too much technology can just become a burden. If you live your life for the next new cell phone, video game, software upgrade and so on then you are letting technology control you. This is bad. There is a limit to what we can handle and there has to come a point when enough is enough. There was a time when a new computer came out and I had to be the first to have. Believe it or not, my office at work still has a Dell dimension which is 8 years old running XP. It does everything I need it to do and I am very comfortable with it. That is the key. If you are using technology and you have a comfort level, then go with it. The minute you cross that level, your asking for trouble. Everyone of us has a unique comfort level and that is ok.

I know when I do computer training and I cross a person comfort level, I’m going to loose them. The trick is to make technology work for you. If me or anyone tries to force technology on you, it will come with resentment. When you learn or acquire something new that can fit into your personal groove then it’s a good thing. Don’t acquire a new device just because it’s available or your friend just got one, get it because you can see how it will make a task you do easier or it can help you improve on what you do.

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  1. You’re spot on Steve. I have been very comfortable with my new MacBook which is a first for me and anything new and techie.

  2. I love change and embrace it. I never want to become a dinosaur but what I “don’t” like about any new technology is HELP tabs or centers. Never once is my question a FAQ.
    I want a person to ask questions to because it seems to me every new upgrade, download or whozywhatzes, requires me to spend time on it.
    I created my own website and virtually act as my own computer, phone, new app, etc. person.
    The problem with every new gadget is I have to spend my time learning about it.
    When gadgets work they are a boon when they don’t they can consume hours of your time trying to fix them. Even with a computer guy (I have a really good one) the last time my Internet modem was sending out spam it costs me a whole day and money to clear away.
    The downside to technology is the cost to learn it and run it.
    To those of you who don’t want do gadgets this is the real fear not learning something new but maintaining something new.

  3. How did I know you’d be hitting the iPad? Looking forward to getting the full download when we get together…..

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