Rememeber when quality was job #1

Spring training is officially under way.  How exciting is that.  This morning on the radio I heard that CC Sabathia was throwing faster than a runaway Toyota Prius.   For those of you that have not been following the Toyota saga that would be 94 mph.   First that is great pitching, but most disturbing is it being compared to faulty car performance.

Yes. Toyota is having its issues but they are just one piece of a economy that is so based on price rather than quality that corners are being cut and systems are failing.  I personally see this as a wake up call that as a society, we have to really take  a look at what is important and where we want to be in the immediate future.

As a small business owner I see first hand how price is driving this economy.  Its like nothing else matters.  Is the public so bent on a cheap price they are willing to risk not only quality but safety as well?   I think we have reached a point when we all need to speak up and let our voices be heard.  Please bring back quality.  I would like to see the day when “Made in America” means something again.

If we continue on like we are going, we will  see more accidents, more equipment recalls, more companies filing chapter 11, more lawsuits and more products that we depend on coming in from overseas.  Lets start to demand and insist upon quality made products and services.

Not only will this improve our safety and lifestyles, it will also serve as an economic stimulus for our country to get out of its growing debt.  Yes, we all agree quality comes with a price.  But you know what else comes with quality, that would be “PRIDE”.  Lets make and provide products and services that we can be proud of.  Pride is something that is needed today.  Lets take  pride to live in this country,  take pride to be an active member of a society that produces  exceptional products. Pride is something money can’t buy, it has to come from within.

Spring training is a new beginning for a new season.  You know the pride you have when your favorite team wins after playing an awesome game?  Lets have that same pride on the products and services we deliver.


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  1. The need for political correctness have forced us remove our sense of common good and decency so we have to accept all forms of life styles and situations that were viewed negatively in the past. While in some situations this new awareness is good in others it has opened a flood gate of permissive behavior where anything goes and get the other guy before he gets you.
    Along with cell phones everyone has a lawyer today. Even if you want to do the right thing the other guy won’t so you must protect yourself.
    It has become a world that makes us act in direct contrast to the real reason we have been put on this earth–to spread love.
    Now I don’t mean sex I mean love, such as, humanity, decency, fairplay, accountibilty, kindness, compassion and honor. These seem to be adjectives of long ago which have been replaced with awesome, BMW, Gucci, fake boobs and nails and everyone whipping out their lawyer faster than Billy the Kid could draw.
    We raised upcoming generations to be nothing more than cry babies with morality meters that gauge nothing less than murder as awful everything else seems to be acceptable.
    Our need to correct some injustices have push us in the complete opposite direction. I just hope we find our way back.
    Even if we fell short striving to be Andy Griffth or Donna Reed weren’t such corny values to admire. Ah those halycon days of yore.

    • So true. Great comments

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