The Pot Hole is half empty…. not

I can’t remember a winter when I have seen so many potholes.  I’m wondering if there is actually any roadbed left.  I understand this has been a difficult winter and the temperature fluctuations have reeked havoc on the asphalt.  The question is what is going to happen now?  Is the county going to keep throwing patch down?  Are our taxes going to go up to cover repaving?  Are they going to be left alone?   All good questions.

I have several suggestions which I would like to share.  I don’t claim to have the answers to this problem but I do think some of these suggestion have some merit.

First on my list is “Adopt a pothole”.   How about local businesses adopt and sponsor a pothole. For lets say a fee of $25.00 your company gets to have  a sign placed on the side of the road next to the pot hole proudly displaying “This Pothole repair has generously been paid for by Miller’s Rentals. Drive safely and come visit us”. How cool is that!  I’m sure you can even buy a ten pack of pot holes at a discounted rate.

Second idea is lets have “Pot hole awareness day”.   Lets pick a day in early spring and run a media blitz on the dangers of Potholes.  Prior to this day each township can run contest such as, one called “who can report the most pot holes”.  Here is how it works.  Go on line to and for a $20.00 fee you can upload pictures of your favorite pot holes.  On pot hole awareness day the best picture is selected and the person who submitted it gets great gifts and prizes donated by those companies that participated in “adopt a Pot Hole”.  All the registration fees are used to repair or resurface the pictured potholes.

Lets have the “NJ PotHole Marathon”.    For  a $195.00 entrance fee, runners can purchase a spot to run in this soon to be world famous international race.  The  26 mile course will take runners past the coolest pot holes in the county chosen to host the race.  Obviously counties will have to bid on being selected for this prestigious event.  The race will come complete with corporate sponsors, t-shirts and souvenir bags of broken pavement.  We can have winners in Men’s, Womens, Children’s and over 50 years old divisions. The day of the event local restaurants and eateries can offer race special dining experiences that won’t put a hole in your wallet.

My final suggestion would be to have “Pothole Derby Day”.   Townships can register there best pole hole repair crews to compete in pot hole competition events.   The township crews that fixes the most pot holes in a 8 hour period gets all there cost paid by the losing townships.    The day can include a parade with floats and picnic lunches.  Entire communities can come watch and cheer there well seasoned and trained crews take on the challenge to see who will be named “World Champion Pothole Repair crew”.

These are just a few of the ways we can look at a Pot Hole as half  full.    I bet you can think of several ways to make your towns potholes disappear.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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  1. Is Pot Hole Awareness Day anything like Sadie Hawkins Day?
    It is unbelievable the potholes everywhere. I live in Sussex County and our taxes seem to go where they are slotted as they don’t end up paying for inner-city expenses. We have terrific snow removal and they have repaved many of the streets. With all the winding roads and hills it’s no wonder.
    If businesses want to get signs up then who pays for that? Knowing politicians it will be another tax for that.

    • We can have a “Pothole relief concert” to raise money for abandoned and orphaned potholes. Celebrities can man the phone banks and we can TXT $10 to 1800POTHOLE. Maybe George Clooney is available. Enough potholes and we could have earthquake…….

  2. Count me in for the Ptohole Marathon!

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