Ground Hogs? Really…..

I am not a fan of winter.  As a matter of fact, I have little or no use for it at all.   It basically cramps my style.   Yes, I know there are those people out there that love winter and just can’t wait for the first snowfall.   To each his own, more power to them.  Besides putting a damper on the activities I like most, winter takes a toll on our budgets and our personal well being.  On February 2nd the Ground Hog made his appearance and determined we will have six more weeks of winter.  I do not find this comforting.

I find this ritual  amazing.  We have global satellites that can track the slightest movement of a weather system and we have numerous high tech gadgets that can do just about anything,  yet we need a ground hog to tell us that we have six more weeks of winter.  Give me  a break.

I suggest we develop a new system that could allow for just two more weeks of winter.  I’m sure with all the technology we have we can come up with a better system.  Personally I think there should be an IPhone App that can do this. I guarantee it would have the most downloads and be an instant favorite.  Once this is accomplished I suggest that the app be activated immediately after the Holidays.

I can handle a little snow around Christmas and then right before New Years Eve activate the App on the phone and by January 10th hello sunshine, good bye heating bills.   I really don’t think this is a lot to ask. There are so many developers out there designing new games and useless utilities.  Why not put them to work on something serious.  I tell you what, we can even call it the Ground Hog App.

Now for all those winter lovers, we can have an optional feature on the App that will allow for  a virtual winter. Anytime they need a dose of snow, they can select this option and they will virtually be transported to their favorite arctic destination. I bet those software developers can even throw in some polar bears, 5 ft snow drifts and howling winds just for fun.

So if things go the way I’m suggesting,  Punxsutawney Phil and  Staten Island Chuck should pay a visit to the nearest Oakley store and get some really cool shades because sunshine is coming.  Watch for the Ground Hog App coming soon to the Apple store.

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  1. I just love your app idea. Unfortunately there is always a solution it’s called Florida, where I really don’t like it. I personally like the change of seasons, and while I hate the snow the cold doesn’t bother me all that much but can’t have the cold without snow. I hate the heat and humidity although because I have been able to garden moving South is getting to be more of an option I am considering.
    No matter how we try we will never be able to control Mother Nature unless we live in a bubble.
    So I guess you are stuck with Phil and Chuck whether you like it or not.

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