No tailgating?

Wow! Just heard on the radio this morning that there will be no tailgating allowed in Miami at the Superbowl on Sunday.   Now I’m not a big football fan, but I do appreciate the game and understand that football is as American as you can get.  Correct me if I wrong, but if I was going to make an analogy, isn’t tailgating to football as a barbecue is to 4th of July?   Something is not right here.

What is happening folks?  In the last couple months look at the changes that are occurring.  Arriving three  hours  prior to  departing flights at airports in order to clear security.  Installation of metal detectors at local schools.  Security concerns at the NYC courthouse that have forced the movement of the terrorist trial.   What’s next- armed guards at the super market?

Land of the free and home of the brave? What happened to that?  Is the United States as we know it morphing before our eyes?  Homeland Security started out as a response to 9/11 but what  is it turning into now?  What has caused this major change in such a short period and what can we do to either halt it or reverse it?

I would like to continue to live the life we have grown accustomed to and would like the same for  future generations to come.  As Americans we have to fight for what we believe in and we have to let our elected officials know how we feel.  Quoting a line from a famous movie “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. I urge all of you to speak up, let your voices be heard.

When you get an opportunity to speak  (such as a blog like this) let your opinion be known.  If enough of us speak up, changes will happen.   We need to feel secure in our own country and we need to take proper steps to ensure our safety.  Is banning tail gating at the SuperBowl really what life as come down to?  I understand why it is being done.  What I question is where we have failed to let this happen in the first place?

As a country we need to stop being politically correct all the time and create rules and safeguards that are in the best interest of the public, not the politicians.  Unfortunately in the world we live, politically correct just doesn’t cut it any more.    On Christmas Day we received a huge  “wake up America call” when the “underwear bomber” boarded a commercial jet bound for Detroit.  This should have never happened.

Yes, the safety of every Unites States Citizen should be our greatest concern and one that our government takes seriouly but I believe we are  going about it the wrong way. Doesn’t it seem we are being reactive rather than proactive?

I’m looking forward to many more July 4th Barbecues.  Let’s do what it takes to make sure that happens.

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  1. Hey Steve:
    The problem is the media frightens us and we let them. One day care has a problem then everyone of them must be that way. Since I am only American and cannot speak for the mindset of any other nationality I say Americans spend their time jumping on bandwagons of imminent causes. Reason and common sense has been substituted by “agreeing” with what is told we should agree with.
    Not for nothing I don’t think the national pasttime in Miami is football but more like baseball so the only people doing the tail-gating are going to be visitors. The heat, the drinking and in a hot bed community it could create a problem. I don’t like Miami and the real reason was when I was there I felt like I was in another country and I didn’t feel safe. I got panhandled in front of the InterContinental for goodness sakes.
    Americans have got to put a halt to media blitz of frenzy feeding upon us. We need to say stop the crap. Let’s exercise caution but let’s still live our lives. Sometimes bad things do happen but nothing is going to stop it entirely.
    And talk about profiling at airports shortly after 911 I was stopped so many times and so were, as I noticed, middle-aged white women. I guess we offered the path of least resistance to security but really now. Sorry not to say but terrorists fit a profile and that is who the airlines should be looking for. If this offends anyone. I say tough sh&t and I don’t care.
    But an 80-year old woman who has to nearly be strip searched at an airport is disgusting and should never happen. Yet a woman can walk around covered in head to toe with a sheet and is allowed to go thru without a hitch.
    I hate anything PC and relish the days when people were able to speak their minds without fear of reprisal.

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