Online advertising companies. Can you name them all?

I received an email yesterday from a company called  They wanted to solicit my business.  This is not a new thing, many companies are constantly attempting to sell me their wares.  The sales rep was very proper and for once actually listened to my voice mail, which states “I appreciate your call but the best way to contact me is via email”.  This sales person then proceeded to send me an extremely detailed and nice email on why I should direct my online advertising to his particular company.

In his email he introduced himself and went on to say “We are the #1 Fastest Growing Online advertising company, and I have included some links so that you can learn more. Please reach out if you would like to meet and discuss how I can help.”  Not a bad line. But the next thing he did is display a list of all the online companies and how his company ranked compared to them.

Now folks here is the $64,000 question.  How many companies do you think were on that list? Would you guess 10, maybe 20 , or more?  The correct answer was 50.  Now what does that tell you?  Take a minute and ponder this.

In order to properly understand were I am going with this take a minute and think about the yellow pages. Yes the yellow pages.  You know that book that is now used to line your hamster cage or litter pan, but that’s another days blog.  First we had the yellow pages, then came  yellowbook and then came superpages and that was followed by a host of other books that were indeed YELLOW. Now what happened to yellow page advertising once to many books flooded the market?  Thats right! we stopped using them, because it got to confusing.  Same thing happened with the TV guide., which hit a point when you needed a guide to navigate the TV guide.

Now if you have 50 companies (probably much more. he only listed the ones yodle was better than) how effective do you think your adverting dollars would be.   Noted this company might have talented people, a great advertising program and super rates but when you have 5o+ other companies out there doing the same thing, how effective could you ad really be. Talk about a rat race, this is more like a stampede.

Obviously over the next few years or even sooner we are going to see a big shake up in internet advertsing companies and options.  Every day we hear terms such as pay per click, ad word campaigns, SEO marketing, organic listings and others. Even for someone who is tech savvy this is becoming one big information overload.

Usually when I get an email from a company trying to solicit me it goes right to trash, but on this occasion I felt the sales rep did due diligence and he deserved an appropriate reply.

“Thank you for your email.  I believe there are just too many online advertising companies for anyone to be effective. Once the field of players thins out, maybe then we could talk.   Your list is a good indicator of that.   I have been so turned off on online advertising companies since yellow,, and started confusing all of us.  What a mess they have caused.  I eventually feel they will all just beat each other up and the best ones will survive. Have a great day.”

I will let you know if I get a reply.

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  1. Interesting read on the subject. Similar discussion in our office this am on the exact use of this marketing tool. I would be interested in the response you get, if you get one.

  2. I love your response and I agree so completely. When confusion sets in then indecision is the only response.
    I cannot make heads or tails out of any of this today.
    I recently went to a seminar about putting my website on the first internet search page. The company themselves weren’t there but I was on page one and so was my company. Go figure.

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