Fixing Health Insurance….hmmmm

I find it amazing that the government is attempting to repair health insurance.  I wonder if  they realize they are the ones that broke it in the first place.   As a small business owner I have seen health insurance go from bad to worse in record time.  The bottom line is small businesses are the ones that end up paying for this  debacle.   My two biggest issues with health insurance are first the government itself and secondly the insurance companies.

Our politicians seem to believe if they support the insurance companies that in turn they will support their political campaigns.  Simple put, this is wrong!  Our politicians have made insurance companies into a legalized crime entity.  I firmly believe if we fix issue with insurance companies, such as set limits on what they can make and the powers allotted to them, and keep the politicians out of their business we would have a better shot at fixing health care.

As an individual and a business owner dealing with Insurance companies is as much fun as root canal. Actually I would take the root canal first (probably not covered anyway).  Each year our company switches providers just so the increase in rates is less.  Keep in mind we are not doing this based on quality of service or lack of,  put strictly  trying to pay less of an increase, which no matter what company you choose you will end up getting anyway. In order to keep rates at reasonable levels, we are forced to take higher deductibles, higher co-pays and weakened drug prescription plans. This is just flat out ridiculous and unacceptable anymore.

Don’t you just love the term “Out of Network” . This is the insurance company version of ” We tried to shake that Doctor down and he wouldn’t play ball with us so he is out” .   If every Doctor said no to Insurance company demands and terms of payments wouldn’t that be interesting.  So basically what happens is your insurance company decides who you will see for treatment, how much they get paid, and what medicines you will take.  Is this freedom of choice which is suppose to be one of the fundamental values of our rights as Americans? Come on….

I would like to see the day , when we can research what Doctor we want to see, make a timely appointment (without a referral) and then pay the doctor directly a reasonable and fair fee based on the laws of supply and demand like everything else we purchase from groceries to airline tickets.  Maybe we can even shop for sales and coupons like every other vendor we use.

Right now the thought of getting sick and needing a doctors care makes me even sicker knowing what I will have to do just to get reimbursed and the administrative paperwork that is involved.   So the trick to beat the system now is to stay healthy and pay the outrageous premiums.  Not much of a trick is it?  The insurance companies will just become more profitable and more powerful.

Maybe if enough of us write about it and speak our concerns our message will be heard.  This is not an issue that is going to be solved by Democrats or Republicans.  It has to be fixed by all of us.


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