Fly the friendly Skies – NOT

Yesterday at Newark Airport there was a security breach and passengers were delayed 6 hours until the “issue” was investigated. Even those already seated on planes on the tarmac had to deplane and go through security again.  Flying was become a major hassle. With the all the recent activity going on, how will your travel plans change or what advice do you have to share with other would be travelers. We have been told to plan on three hours to check in before flight. What is next? Checking in a day before?  I remember a day when airline travel was fun. Remember when you friends and family came to the gate to greet you or see you safely off.  It wasn’t long ago that carry on baggage was just a small bag of snacks, now its your entire wardrobe since its such a major ordeal to check (and get back) your bags.  Its sad but true, if someone is going to plan a terrorist activity they are going to do it no matter what hoops are thrown their way.  Its almost like its become a game of “can you beat this”.   I guess the best we can do as passengers is just be aware of our surroundings and beware of anything that is suspicious.   I look forward to going away but I’m waiting for the day when it will be as easy as “beam me up Scotty”.  Airports you can have them.

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