Remember Land Lines?

When was the last time you actually called someone on you land line phone?  Better yet when was the last time someone other then an organization looking for money, called you on your land line?  If you are like me, I actually have to stop and think what my land line number even is anymore.   It seems to me the “home” phone is becoming a great dust collector to say the least.   My thought is that anyone who really wants to talk to me, will call me (or text) on my cell phone.  If they don’t have my cell, then usually I don’t need to talk to them anyway.  So 2010 can become the year we start seeing land line phones go the way of the “8  track player”, “Record album”, and my favorite the “analog TV”.   So I am compiling a list of ten things to do with your home phone this year. Please feel free to add to the list:

  1. Place in the garden as an ornament
  2. Sell it on E-Bay
  3. Start a collection that someday might be worth nothing
  4. String several together and make a hanging mobile
  5. Donate to the local school to be used as a prop in a school play
  6. Gather ten of them in the street and go phone bowling
  7. Take to Recycling center
  8. Wrap up and save as gifts for those folks from the organizations that keep calling you on them
  9. Bury in a time capsule
  10. Send to NASA to lift off into space. You can “name a phone” after someone
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